Trekking to Buddhist monastery on Mt. Kachkanar, Urals, Russia


On November 17th  2018 we went trekking to the highest peak of the Middle Urals, Russia and to see the only one in the Ural Mountains Buddhist Monastery Shedrub Ling on Mt. Kachkanar.

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Feeding monks in Laos

Every morning before the sunrise in the cities of Laos you can see the monks walking down the streets with baskets. People give food, mainly sticky rice and the monks pray for them. In Luang Prabang the morning procession has become a popular tourist attraction.
Here in Vientiane feeding monks is just a natural routine. We witnessed this humble procession at the bus station when we arrived from the North early in the morning by a sleeping bus.

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Sukhothai – cycling to the ruins. Northern Thailand


The town of Sukhothai is well known for its UNESCO World Heritage Park – the ruins of the old capital of Sukhothai Kingdom. Sukhothai means Dawn of Happiness in Sanskrit: sukha (“happiness”) + udaya (rise, emergence”) It was founded in 1238 and remained the capital for 140 years before passing this title to Ayutthaya.

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