Feeding monks in Laos

Every morning before the sunrise in the cities of Laos you can see the monks walking down the streets with baskets. People give food, mainly sticky rice and the monks pray for them. In Luang Prabang the morning procession has become a popular tourist attraction.
Here in Vientiane feeding monks is just a natural routine. We witnessed this humble procession at the bus station when we arrived from the North early in the morning by a sleeping bus.

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4000 islands, cycling around the island, South of Laos

‌4000 islands Si Phon Don (Si means four, Phon – thousand and Don means island in Lao language)

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After reading about the islands on the Internet( asking tour agencies and people) we chose the biggest (and more non touristic) one called Don Khong. The other ones seemed either too touristic or up the budget.

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