Туры по Турции в Октябре 2019 \ Tours in Turkey in October 2019

Мы возобнавляем тур походы по Ликийской тропе с 10 октября 2019г.

Маршруты: Анталия – Кемер – Чирали – Фетие для групп от 4 человек. Цена от 300$


Также в октябре мы предлагаем культурные программы, для тех, кто не готов жить в палатке.

2 насыщенных дня экскурсий и шоппинга в Стамбуле + 4 дня отдыха в бунгало на море в эко деревне Чирали с короткими экскурсиями по окрестностям.

Для групп от 6 человек. Цена от 450$

Заявки принимаем на имейл rzalubaltay@gmail.com или по телефону +7912-2800-870  

Dear friends we are resuming trekking tours in Lycian Way, Turkey from October 10th.

We accept requests for groups from 4 people for trekking tours Antalya – Kemer – Cirali – Fethiye.

Price from 300$

Also, we organize cultural tours: 2 days of sightseeing in Istanbul + 4 days of staying in the bungalows in the eco village of Çıralı at the Mediterranean with short trekking and sightseeing daily. For groups from 6 people. Price from 450$.

To book the tour please contact us at rzalubaltay@gmail.com

Tobolsk, the old capital of Siberia. Russia


Tobolsk is a small town North of Tyumen and it’s not well known outside Russia. However, Tobolsk can compete with many touristic cities in Russia and it’s worth coming to the town for 2-3 full days.


In the days of the Tsar Ivan the Terrible (end of the 16th century) Tobolsk was the capital town in Siberia, wealthy and self-sufficient because Tobolsk was the main market of sable fur known as Siberian Gold. Later as most of the Siberian towns it became the place of exile for many Russian intellectuals and aristocrats including Dostoyevsky and the family of the last Russian Tsar Nicholas II.

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Antalya – the city to come back


After trekking down the Lykia trail we hitchhiked to Antalya. A lovely Turkish-Russian family gave us a lift and dropped us right in front the gigantic matryoshka dolls. But Antalya didn’t feel like Russia at all.

ورژن فارسی در ادامه

Русская версия ниже

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Feeding monks in Laos

Every morning before the sunrise in the cities of Laos you can see the monks walking down the streets with baskets. People give food, mainly sticky rice and the monks pray for them. In Luang Prabang the morning procession has become a popular tourist attraction.
Here in Vientiane feeding monks is just a natural routine. We witnessed this humble procession at the bus station when we arrived from the North early in the morning by a sleeping bus.

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