Antalya – the city to come back


After trekking down the Lykia trail we hitchhiked to Antalya. A lovely Turkish-Russian family gave us a lift and dropped us right in front the gigantic matryoshka dolls. But Antalya didn’t feel like Russia at all.

ورژن فارسی در ادامه

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Likya Way. Hiking and trekking in the South of Turkey


Likya way is the one to go if you want to mix trekking with swimming in the warm Mediterranean sea, watching stunning sunrises and sunsets on the beach and visiting the ancient Greek,Roman ruins and Turkish villages for free!

Türkçesi Aşağda

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Feeding monks in Laos

Every morning before the sunrise in the cities of Laos you can see the monks walking down the streets with baskets. People give food, mainly sticky rice and the monks pray for them. In Luang Prabang the morning procession has become a popular tourist attraction.
Here in Vientiane feeding monks is just a natural routine. We witnessed this humble procession at the bus station when we arrived from the North early in the morning by a sleeping bus.

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Sukhothai – cycling to the ruins. Northern Thailand


The town of Sukhothai is well known for its UNESCO World Heritage Park – the ruins of the old capital of Sukhothai Kingdom. Sukhothai means Dawn of Happiness in Sanskrit: sukha (“happiness”) + udaya (rise, emergence”) It was founded in 1238 and remained the capital for 140 years before passing this title to Ayutthaya.

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Türkçesi aşağida

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Malezya,  çok çeşitli,çok renkli ve çok karma!

Hindistan, Çin ve Asean, bir arada!

Малайзия: буйство красок и смешение культур. (Русская версия ниже)

Malaysia: diverse, colorful and very Karma. India, China and ASEAN ‘ all together! (Scroll down for an English text)


Karma karışık ve çok hareketli bir şehir olan Kualalampurda, Bahasa, Hint ve Çin kültürleri ve dilerinin bir arada yaşadığına tanık olduk. Başka bir deyişle Hindistan, Malay ve çin bölgelerinin kesiştiği bir yerdi, KL. Başka bir boyutla Hinduizm, Budizm ve İslam’ın bir arada yaşadığı topraktır.Tabi bunların yanısıra klanlar ve başka etnik grupları görme şansına da sahip olduk, artı hıristiyan ve yerli şamanik_animik inançlarla da karşılaştık. Nerdeyse Malezya nüfusunun yarısı KL ve çevresinde yaşarmakta, özellikle Puchong ile Klang bölgelerinde Hindistani yahut Çini daha otantik bir biçimde bulmak mümkün. Bizim gelişimiz Laos’tan uçakla oldu!

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Slow-boating between Thailand and Laos

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We stayed in Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand) for a week and then reserved a tour right from our favorite Like Home Hostel to go to Luang Prabang by minivan, bus and two-days slow boat. You can get to Laos by bus and train from Bangkok but it’s not as picturesque as down the Mekong river, though faster of course.

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Trekking in North of Laos

Trekking in the villages. Northern Laos.

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‌After we arrived in the city Luang Prabang and checked out the night market and the hill with a temple in the city center, we decided to head a bit North to the villages of Nong Khiaw and Muang Ngoy. Some Internet sites described them as off the beaten path places though it’s not the case anymore.

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